The next generation of remittance

Spend and exchange your money, crypto or fiat, has never been so easy. The mobile wallet for everyone.

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The next generation of remittance
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We offer financial services such as global remittance, online payment, fiat and digital currency exchange, online deposit and withdrawal, and provide a one-stop financial service platform for individuals and merchants.

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Onboarding is really simple

Getting an account on our platform just takes a few moments. Just have your personal ID ready, the rest will be done in-app.

Quick setup in few
simple steps

Add your international
bank account

Add funds to your wallet
and start trading


Store crypto currencies in your wallet


Exchange your fiat to crypto

Face to face transfers

Scan a QR code and transfer


Worldwide money transfer

Our Services

Our Services

No matter where in the world you are located, we can help you simplify your crypto and fiat currency remittance needs.



Your keys in your hand, store them on multiple devices


Handle all your transfer processes with a few clicks

World wide

World wide

We have more than 100 countries covered with our services


Keep multiple crypto or fiat currencies stored in your wallet, convert them at ease



Converting money and transferring it internationally was never so fast



We abide by international anti-money laundering laws

Rich variety in currencies Rich variety in currencies

Rich variety in currencies

We support more than 50 currencies, both crypto and fiat. Our platform integrates the advantages of traditional financial services with modern blockchain technology.

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Our applications are available for iOS and Android. For your convenience you can access all your transactions or account on our web application. After downloading our app, complete the onboarding process and get started within minutes!

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